About us

What is the meaning of H.U.R Beautyy?

The brand name "H.U.R Beautyy" carries a deep and spiritual meaning that reflects the founder's connection to her faith and values. The acronym H.U.R stands for "He Ultimately Restores," symbolizing the belief in the ultimate restoration and healing powerof God. This signifies the idea that through faith and divine intervention, one can experience restoration and renewal in various aspects of life.

The additional "y" in Beautyy represents Yahweh, another name for God in the Bible. By incorporating this element into the brand name, it emphasizes the divine presence and influence in the concept of beauty. This highlights the belief that true beauty comes from a spiritual connection and relationship with God.

Our Mission

The mission of H.U.R Beautyy is to unveil the beauty that lies beneath the surface, rejecting societal standards and embracing one's natural beauty. This mission reflects a commitment to empowering individuals to embrace their unique qualities and identity, rather than conforming to external expectations.

About the Owner

The founder's personal journey as a single mother and her struggles highlight the brand's commitment to authenticity and transparency. Tameica's experience of overcoming challenges and rediscovering herself through faith in Christ underscores the brand's emphasis on inner healing and self-care.

Our Products

The products offered by H.U.R Beautyy are handmade, using natural ingredients such as natural oils, herbs, and unrefined butters. This commitment to natural and cruelty-free products aligns with the brand's values of promoting wellness and self-care in a sustainable and ethical manner.

Overall, H.U.R Beautyy represents a holistic approach to beauty that intertwines faith, self-care, and empowerment. Through its products and mission, the brand seeks to inspire individuals to embrace their inner beauty and connect with their spirituality